Each school has at least one designated 'booth owner' who is responsible for customizing the booth and assigning at least one representative to chat with participants during the online session. Booth owners were set as the individual who signed your school up for the job fair unless we were advised otherwise. If you would like to edit or add your booth owner, please reach out to us here

Brazen, our virtual platform and partner for this year's Job Fair to Promote Diversity, has a wealth of resources for both booth owners and representatives. They even host two live weekly training sessions for booth owners on Tuesday's and Thursday's. Sign up using one of these links to see how best to position your school to recruit candidates on this virtual platform. 


You can also begin to customize your booth now by logging in so that participants can view your booth content and learn more about your organization. 

Log In and Build Your Booth

Booth Owner Instructions and Training: We encourage you to review these training resources for help building your booth.